They don’t talk anymore. Trump employees are starting to take revenge on the country’s leading infectologist


A White House spokesman told CNN on Saturday: “Several White House officials are worried about how often Fauci made mistakes.” In the best traditions of opposition politicians, White House officials compiled a series of examples from Fauci’s interviews at the very beginning of the pandemic. The list mentions interviews from March, where Fauci made quite a public statement about the spread of the virus. “People shouldn’t walk around in masks,” says one example.

The move came after it was discovered that Trump was not talking to Fauci, who often speaks at official press conferences.

Specialist Fauci has repeatedly disagreed with what Trump said in the interviews. In one interview, he said the United States was not doing well compared to other countries, but in another, commenting on Trump’s claim that 99% of Covid-19 cases in the country were completely harmless, he said he did not know where the president came from.

Tramps Fauci, on the other hand, criticized on television: Faux is a nice man, but he’s made a lot of mistakes, “the president said last week, criticizing a specialist whom Americans trust more than his Tramp, according to polls. In recent interviews, the US head has also openly questioned the advice received from the specialist at the beginning of the outbreak.

“I think we are doing well. I don’t agree with him, “Trump said in another conversation.

A high-ranking official from the Trump administration CNN found that several White House employees did not trust Fauci because they felt that the specialist did not represent the president’s interests by openly disagreeing with Trump’s statements in interviews.

Other officials have already criticized the White House’s efforts to discredit Fauci, pointing out that the move is very characteristic of Donald Tramp, who is unable to tolerate the fact that people trust Fauci more than he himself.

Trumping methods are also criticized by former US President Barack Obama’s administration at the time, saying efforts to discredit specialists and other scientists are “potentially very, very dangerous” because people want to hear from scientists whether the upcoming vaccine will be safe and effective, but when a public scientist is discredited by saying to the president that he cannot be believed and should not be listened to, this could be detrimental to the national vaccination campaign, which will be an important step in escaping the horrors that have now befallen the country.

The faculties did not comment on the actions of the CNN White House.

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