WHO named four scenarios for the development of the situation with COVID-19


The head of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhan Ghebreyesus, identified four main scenarios for the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 in different regions of the world. Which of them is the situation in Russia, he did not specify.

“Although the daily number of deaths remains relatively stable, the situation is a matter of serious concern. All countries are at risk, but not all countries have been affected to the same degree, ”said Mr. Gebreyesus at a briefing (quote from TASS).

First scenario sold in countries that have been warned of an outbreak of COVID-19 (some countries in Southeast Asia, the Pacific, Caribbean, and Africa). “They were ready, quickly and efficiently responded to the first cases of infection. As a result, they managed to avoid large outbreaks. The leaders of these countries took control of the situation in their own hands and established effective communication with the population regarding the measures that should be taken, ”said the head of WHO.

By second scenario the situation developed in countries where large-scale outbreaks of the disease occurred, but they were managed to control thanks to strong leadership and the population adhering to the main preventive measures (many European countries). These countries have proven that “even large outbreaks can be taken under control.”

According to the third scenario, countries managed to overcome the first peak of COVID-19, but after easing restrictions, the infection returned, and now they are fighting a new increase in the incidence (which countries, the head of WHO did not indicate). “In several countries around the world, we see a dangerous increase in the number of cases of COVID-19. It seems that these countries are losing ground, ”said Tedros Adan Gebreyesus. According to him, many countries have chosen the wrong path in the fight against infection.

Fourth scenario implemented in countries where the infection is most intensively transmitted. “This is happening in the Americas, South Asia and several African countries,” said the head of WHO. “America remains the epicenter of COVID-19, where more than 50% of all cases are registered. However, we know from the first two situations that it is never too late to take the virus under control, this can be done even with very active transmission of the virus. ”

On the eve of the WHO registered 230 thousand infected with coronavirus per day – this is a new anti-record. By given organizations, the total number of people infected on the planet exceeded 12.7 million people, more than 566 thousand patients with COVID-19 died.

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