Yuzhno-Sakhalinskaya CHP will not be connected to the south of the city


12:23 July 14, 2020.

Housing and communal services, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

The administration of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and the Sakhalin Utility Company, which is responsible for supplying heat and hot water to most of the regional center’s consumers, do not plan to include new areas of the regional center in the general heat supply system. We are talking about neighborhoods in the south – promising buildings in the City Mall area and residential areas in the southern part of the city. These houses, they said during a briefing on the past heating season, plan to heat autonomously – with the help of small gas boiler houses that “hold” a small neighborhood or a group of residential buildings.

– In the south of the city it is not planned to build large boiler houses, local gas will be built, providing hot water and heat supply to the housing estates. This is “Rainbow” (“Field of Miracles”), “Guarantor”, as well as the Yuzhnaya boiler house on the Hospital, to which we plan to switch micro-districts 13 and 13a and release capacity in the city, ”explained Igor Popov, deputy head of the city department.

The construction and commissioning deadlines, he added, will be synchronized with the construction of new residential buildings. They hope to build the facility at the Hospital by 2022.

In total, it is planned to build three boiler houses in the south – in the area of ​​Bolnichnaya Street and in the “Field of Miracles” area just north of Khomutovo. The emergence of these utilities should reduce the load on existing networks, which have almost reached the limit of bandwidth.

Today, added the deputy general director of the JCC for overhauls and construction, Pavel Kapishov, utilities are forced to annually increase the capacity of heating pipelines going from north to south – in recent years, active work was carried out on the Physical Culture Collector, in this they continue to “embroider” Chekhovsky and partially Komsomolsky laid in parallel (in mostly) streets of the same name. But he will not succeed in expanding the pipes for a long time – the logical limit of their diameter, as well as the capacities of the thermal power station and the peak boiler house on Bumazhnaya Street are practically reached.

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, which is being actively built up and expanding, has become a hostage to the existing heat supply scheme – the main sources of heat and hot water (CHPP-1 and CCM boiler house) are located in the north, and new consumers grow at the opposite end of the city. Because of this, hot water has to be supplied through pipes of large diameter, through a whole system of pumping stations.

In large cities on the mainland, the problem is solved by building several thermal power plants or large boiler houses – they surround the city with a ring, redistributing the load and reducing the required length of networks. In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the possibility of building another powerful source of heat and hot water in the south was also considered, the construction of a boiler house over the next two years was reported in a similar briefing at the end of 2019.

Today, according to an autonomous scheme, boiler houses have been implemented in planning areas of the city – for example, in Novo-Aleksandrovsk and Khomutovo and in the villages included in the South Sakhalin agglomeration.


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