At Yandex car sharing you can now go from St. Petersburg to Karelia – Auto – St. Petersburg News


The Yandex.Drive car-sharing service in St. Petersburg expanded the car rental zone to include the territory of Karelia. Now you can drive to the Marble Canyon or Petrozavodsk in a rented car.

As the company’s press service reported on July 15, a car can be rented for several days and use the “steering wheel transfer” function. It allows you to transfer control on a trip to another driver who is also registered in Drive, such as a relative or friend.

Also, when choosing a car for traveling, it is better to turn on the “Bluetooth-door” filter so that you can close and open the car where there is no Internet, which happens away from the city. In order to close or open the machine, you need to turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and open the “Drive” application. After closing, the car will go into standby mode.


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