Average number of infections increased by 8 percent


Average number of infections increased by 8 percent

The other indicators – number of deaths and hospital admissions – continue to decline. The average number of hospital admissions is 9.7 per day, a decrease of 7 percent. The number of deaths averages 1.6 per day, which is a decrease of 59 percent compared to a week earlier.

In total, 62,872 people have already been infected with the corona virus in Belgium. 9,788 people died from the disease. There are still 147 people with COVID-19 in the hospital, 27 of whom are on intensive care.

“It is important at this stage to continue to monitor the measures to slow down the rise,” stressed the Sciensano communication.

The increase in the number of infections is evident in most Belgian provinces. But the trend is most evident in Antwerp (from 143 new cases a week ago to 166), Liège (from 22 to 46 new cases) and Limburg (from 41 to 71). In the longer term, an increase is particularly noticeable in provinces with larger cities.

Most new infections occur in the active population (20 to 59 years).

Figures by municipality

Curious about the state of the coronavirus in West Flanders? View the figures for the number of new infections per city or municipality here.


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