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The likelihood of developing ischemic stroke in those infected with coronavirus is 7.6 times higher than in patients with influenza. This conclusion was made by neurologists from the Department of Clinical and Translational Neuroscience of the Research Institute of the Brain and Consciousness of Feil Family. Researchers examined data from 1916 patients with COVID-19 receiving care at the hospital or hospitalized in New York’s clinical hospitals. After that, doctors compared this information with data from a similar group of patients with influenza.

Of all patients with coronavirus infection, 31 (1.6%) had an acute ischemic disturbance of cerebral circulation (ischemic stroke), while in the group of patients with influenza, only three patients out of 1486 had a stroke (0.2%) ) After adjusting for age, gender and race, the probability of ischemic stroke with coronavirus was 7.6 times higher than with flu.

We can talk about several mechanisms by which the pathogen increases the risk of developing cerebral ischemia, said Vladimir Parfyonov, head of the Department of Nervous Diseases and Neurosurgery at Sechenov University.

“For example, the increase in blood coagulation that is possible with COVID-19. And this is just one of the possible scenarios. Unfortunately, many people with a high risk of stroke do not effectively prevent it. And the disease can be completely prevented, ”a specialist told Izvestia.

American scientists in the conclusions to their article note that further clarification of thrombotic mechanisms in patients with COVID-19 may provide more effective strategies to prevent disability in patients with coronavirus. Therefore, such studies must be continued.

Details are in the exclusive Izvestia material:

It strikes the head: the risk of stroke with COVID is 7.6 times higher than with flu


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