Hospitals in the US must now send corona figures to the White House NOW


US President Donald Trump has instructed hospitals to no longer transmit current corona figures to the American RIVM, but to a central database of the White House.

That reports the New York Times. It appears that Trump wants to sideline the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in this way.

Critics have immediately expressed concerns about this move by the government. Medical experts fear that this decision will not increase transparency about the number of coronation cases in the US and that the data will be used for political purposes.

The announcement was posted on Tuesday website from the Ministry of Health. The ministry will now provide daily updates on the number of infections and deaths in the US. The Ministry will also keep track of how many IC beds and respirators are required. These were previously CDC tasks.

The corona data is no longer publicly available

According to the White House, the change in the reporting system is intended to better distribute scarce goods such as mouth masks, protective clothing and the drug remdesivir, which appears to inhibit the virus.

Contrary to the CDC’s database, the American RIVM, that of the ministry cannot be viewed by outsiders. This also applies to researchers, hospitals and local authorities, who use the data.

The ministry states that the data is still shared with the crisis service, which is then allowed to publish it. According to a spokesman for the ministry, the White House database can compare and update the data more quickly.

Trump’s corona policy has long been criticized

Within the CDC, which operates independently of the government, the news has been received with disbelief, the New York Times.

Critics ask why the data cannot also be provided directly to the CDC.

In recent months, criticism of Trump’s and the White House’s approach to the corona crisis has intensified. The president believes it is especially important to get the economy going again.

The US is currently experiencing a rapid increase in the number of infections. Many states spared in the early months of the crisis are now hard hit. Nearly 3.5 million infections and 138,000 deaths have been reported.


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