Successful trials of the Covid-19 vaccine have been reported in the United States


After two vaccinations, the vaccine elicited a strong immune response in all groups.

Photo: Reuters

Potential Moderna vaccine against Covid-19 caused a strong immune response in all 45 patients in the early stages of human trials, writes Voice of America with reference to New England Medical Journal.

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All 45 patients produced neutralizing antibodies, which scientists believe are important for protection against the virus. During the trial, participants were divided into three groups of 15 people, each group received 25, 100 or 250 mcg of potential vaccine, respectively. All participants received two doses.

After two vaccinations, the vaccine elicited a strong immune response in all groups. At the same time, Moderna noted that the level of neutralizing antibodies in patients in the group who received the highest dose was four times higher than in patients treated with Covid-19.

The vaccine is generally well tolerated, but more than half of the participants reported mild or moderate symptoms such as fatigue, muscle aches or pain at the injection site.

Estimation of the duration of immune responses has not yet been completed, and trial participants will be monitored for one year after the second vaccination.

On Tuesday, Moderna announced that it would begin the next phase of testing on July 27. This study will involve 30,000 participants in 87 locations. Participants in the experimental group receive 100 μg dose of potential vaccine on the first day and another dose after 29 days. Some patients will also receive a placebo.

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It will be recalled that the United States began testing the coronavirus vaccine in March, as soon as the infectious disease was declared a pandemic. In May, Covid-19 was officially allowed to be treated with Remdesivir.


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