Marc Van Ranst gets police protection after threats from …


Marc Van Ranst has been receiving police protection for three weeks after threats from the right-wing extremist. He tells that in an interview with Techmag. “The police had been told there were tangible plans,” said the virologist.

Daily there is a lot of tension between Van Ranst and the extreme right on Twitter. He is often verbally attacked and threatened by all kinds of people with that background. But for three weeks, the police have often been patrolling past his home in Willebroek because, according to the virologist, there were “tangible plans to cause damage” that the police knew about. “The police come every hour,” says Van Ranst in the vlog. “That is the price you pay. My family is used to that. ”

The police called Van Ranst to ask if he wanted a car to be constantly at the door. “I said no to that. To which they said they would drive around every hour. ” He is not afraid of it, says Van Ranst. “I’ve been following the extreme right for more than 30 years and I know it’s a lot of bleating and little wool. I am not afraid, no. ”

He says he owes that, among other things, to the elephant skin that he has grown in recent months and years. “And my belief in humanity has been greater than ever since the pandemic broke out.”

Reproached to be left

“I’m not worried, because the police take this seriously enough,” said Van Ranst on Thursday afternoon VTM News. “I don’t feel intimidated either. I do receive curses and threats on Twitter every day. If it’s too bad, I’ll report it to the police. But this was noticed by the police themselves. I do not know names, but I know it comes from the extreme right. I also don’t know what the threat entails. ”

It is no surprise that the threats come from the extreme right-wing corner, because Van Ranst is often accused of being left-wing of conviction. “Virologists are entitled to their own opinion,” says Van Ranst. “But I have no link with a party or political movement.” He says he will not change anything because of the threat.

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