Physicians who fought with COVID-19 were offered to send for early retirement


Healthcare providers struggling with COVID-19 are encouraged to allow early retirement. This is with reference to the party “United Russia” today, Izvestia.

The party organized a public discussion of possible changes in labor legislation in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. And the proposal was supported in the relevant committee of the State Duma for Labor, as well as in other fractions.

The EP also said that in the near future the party’s public reception will conduct an all-Russian survey on the amendments to the Labor Code regarding the new working conditions in the remote mode. In accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, there are dangerous professions.

“The issue related to the working conditions at COVID-19 can also be compared with a certain risk, because it is known that many health workers became infected, got sick, got serious complications, and some died.”, – experts say.

The Ministry of Labor said that the department has prepared a decree on benefits for physicians working with coronavirus, but it is not about early retirement, but about seniority for working with patients with COVID-19. At the suggestion of the ministry, it should be calculated according to the “day in three” scheme. The document goes through a government review process.

Izvestia’s opposition parliamentary factions announced their readiness to support United Russia’s initiative.

Read more about this in the article “Izvestia” “COVID exemption: doctors who are struggling with the epidemic are offered to give a pension ahead of schedule”.

Material prepared Philip Kochetkov

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