Coronavirus – what the Crimean media are silent about – Crimean evening


Crimean media say nothing about coronavirus. To such an opinion came Crimean Human Rights Groupby monitoring 15 Crimean and Russian media sites that regularly publish information on the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic on the peninsula. According to human rights activists, the media in the annexed Crimea do not give people complete information about the coronavirus, and alternative points of view are not presented in such materials. Not a single critical material on the theme of the KKE was recorded.

How do Crimean media write about the situation with coronavirus in the annexed Crimea, mainland Ukraine, neighboring Russia and the world? Why do journalists publish data only from statements by Russian Crimean officials? In what cases did Crimean media violate journalistic standards for full coverage of information? And where do Crimeans look for reliable information about the coronavirus pandemic?

These and other relevant topics in the studio. Radio Crimea.Realities in a talk show “Crimean evening” discussing a presenter Катерина Некречая. Her interlocutors: expert of the Crimean human rights group Irina Sedova; founder “Canli Radio” Naji Femi; Analyst, Ukrainian Institute of Mass Media Alexey Bratushchak.

Crimean Evening is a talk show that aired on Radio Crimea. Reality on weekdays from 6 p.m. to 7.15 p.m. Watch the live broadcast on the Crimean channels. Realities on YouTube and on Facebook. Crimea can also hear us. Radio Crimea.Realities broadcasts 24 hours a day at a frequency of 648 AM, as well as at 105.9 FM. Crimeans can call for free on the phone 8 800 100 69 26 or write to the address: [email protected]


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