in Varash – 180 patients, in Volodymyrechchyna – 131


In Volodymyrechchyna, 113 people were placed in self-isolation, 111 of them with SARS, pneumonia and fever above 37.3º, 2 people who came from the territory affected by the coronavirus. In Varash, 119 residents of the community are in isolation, including 27 children and 92 adults.

In the Vladimir region

As of the morning of July 20, 131 cases of COVID-19 were registered in the district, 26 of them were active.

97 patients completed treatment with recovery. With a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19, 8 patients died, in the hospital – 7, 1 – at home.

22 patients receive outpatient treatment in conditions of self-isolation. 4 patients are hospitalized.

All detected contacts are under observation.

On July 19, 1 patient was examined by rapid tests for COVID-19, the result was negative.

About this Volodymyrets District State Administration reports according to the Volodymyrets District Center for Primary Health Care.

In Varaska OTG and at RNPP

The epidemic situation in Varaska OTG as of July 20 according to the city operational headquarters on the prevention of the introduction and spread in the city of Varash and the village of Zabolottya of an acute respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus COVID-19 in relation to the epidemic situation in the Varash OTG.

During the period 17-19.07.2020, 13 residents of the city, including 4 adults and 9 children, applied to the Varas Primary Health Care Center with symptoms of ARI.

There are 2 patients with pneumonia – all adults – in inpatient treatment at the Medical Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

As of the morning of July 20, 2020, 5 new cases of COVID-19 were laboratory confirmed in Varaska OTG.

As of 10:00 a.m. on July 20, 2020, 182 cases of COVID-19 (180 in the city of Varash and 2 cases in the village of Zabolottia) were laboratory confirmed in Varaska OTG.

Of these, 4 deaths have already recovered – 144 patients, still ill as of 20.07.2020 – 34 patients.

An epidemic investigation is underway. All established contact persons are in self-isolation, under the supervision of family doctors.

1 suspicion of COVID-19 residents of Varaska OTG is being tested at the regional laboratory center.

119 residents of the community are in self-isolation, including 27 children and 92 adults.

According to the RNPP headquarters to carry out quarantine measures to prevent the incidence of COVID-19, 1 new case of the disease was registered among the employees of the power plant. As of July 20, 10 employees of the Rivne NPP are under the dynamic supervision of family doctors, 39 employees have recovered, and one case is fatal.

As of July 17, 524 employees of the nuclear power plant were transferred to work at home among RNPP staff, and 1,656 people were on vacation.

In Manevychi district of Volyn region it was laboratory confirmed 107 cases of COVID – 19, including 4 fatal.

In the Rivne region

The round-the-clock operational staff of coronavirus counteraction at Rivne Regional State Administration informs: As of the morning of July 20, 9 new cases of COVID-19 were registered in Rivne region.

These are residents from: Rivne – 5; Mlyniv district – 2 (Vladyslavivka village); Radyvyliv district – 2 (Radyvyliv, Batkiv village).

Age of patients from 6 to 64 years.

Thus, in the Rivne region during the pandemic we have 5153 cases of coronavirus. Of these, 390 children and 576 health workers.

Due to complications caused by coronavirus, 89 cases were fatal.

COVID-19 was overcome by 3722 residents of the region – this is the largest number in Ukraine. In the last day alone, COVID-19 has recovered twice as much as it has fallen ill in the Rivne region. Thus, 63 new cases of infection and 122 residents of the region recovered.

Over the weekend, the region’s laboratories performed 847 PCR tests.

In Ukraine

According to the Center for Public Health, 651 new cases of coronavirus disease COVID-19 were registered in Ukraine.

As of the morning of July 20, 59,493 laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ukraine, of which 1,498 were fatal, and 31,439 patients recovered. A total of 881,907 PCR tests were performed. A total of 560 patients recovered in a day.


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