Trump resumes daily “update” on coronavirus | World


US President Donald Trump will resume regular press conferences on the new coronavirus pandemic from tomorrow, as he did almost daily in April, he announced today.

“I gave these interviews and they were watched by a lot of people, we had a record number of viewers in the history of cable TV, it was incomparable,” he told reporters at the Oval Office.

Trump added that these interviews were “a very good way to inform people.”

This update will start at 5 pm, local time (midnight Greek time).

The press conferences started in March with the aim of the White House crisis team to inform the citizens on a daily basis about the development of the epidemic. They were often long and sometimes confusing, such as when the president mentioned the possibility of injecting disinfectant into the human body as a treatment for the new coronavirus.

President Trump has been accused of trying to exploit these interviews to promote himself a few months before the presidential election, distorting their informative nature. “What good is a web site if it simply” blends in “with everything else out there? he had wondered.


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