Vitali Klitschko celebrated his birthday with fireworks


Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko celebrated his birthday with a grand fireworks.

The holiday was held on the banks of the Kanev reservoir, in one of the club-type beach towns, reports “”.

Especially in order to spend the holiday, Vitali Klitschko took a two-day vacation. The mayor is 49 years old and in this honor he threw a big party. The celebration took place on a grand scale, with the Don’t Tell Mom cover band playing especially for the guests. The video shows that the fireworks were really long and grandiose, and during it they played the AC / DC song – Hells Bells. It was under her that Vitaly once entered the ring.

Also Klitschko told about the fact that his eldest son Yegor decided to give his father a gift and become a candidate for the mayoral election in Kiev. It is not yet known whether this is true or not. Any documentary evidence has not yet been published. But Vitaly said that he had blessed his son.

Earlier, Vgorode wrote that in one of the Kiev clubs had a party breaking immediately all quarantine rules. The party took place at night, most of the visitors were without masks, plus it was indoors.

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