Dogs were able to diagnose coronavirus by smell: Society: Russia:


Dogs can detect coronavirus if trained to do so. The President of the Russian Cynological Federation (RKF) Vladimir Golubev told the agency of city news “Moscow” about this.

According to him, already now specially trained pets are able to detect type 1 diabetes by smell. The animal senses an increased amount of isoprene released when the patient breathes. In the same way, you can identify Parkinson’s disease, malaria, and some cancers. “There is a possibility that COVID-19 also has a specific smell that can be recognized by animals after training,” said the dog handler.

He suggested that, once it enters the human body and spreads through it, the virus can cause inflammation and internal changes. This should result in a certain odor that the dog picks up when exhaling.

Researchers from the United Arab Emirates have published data on the ability of trained dogs with an accuracy of 91 percent to identify an infected person, Golubev said. The specialist noted that “dog diagnostics” does not guarantee a 100% result, but animals can help and facilitate the diagnosis process.

Earlier, the Austrian army gathered to use service dogs to identify infected, including those with asymptomatic disease. Prior to that, they began to train pets in the UAE, Great Britain, Finland, Chile.


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