The Russian elite received an experimental vaccine from COVID-19 in April – Bloomberg


About this write Bloomberg with reference to a researcher who is familiar with this program.

The publication notes that the Gamaleya vaccine was received by top managers of large Russian corporations, including the aluminum giant Rusal, as well as oligarchs and officials. A total of several hundred people, of whom Bloomberg was able to confirm several dozen.

The Russian government and its participants do not announce who got access to the program.

A spokesman for Russian President Dmitry Peskov, when asked by reporters on July 20 whether Vladimir Putin had received the vaccine, said: “It would probably be wrong to use an unversified vaccine to the head of state.”

It is noted that the development of the vaccine is funded by the Russian Fund for Direct Investment and supported by the Ministry of Defense.

Patients are usually vaccinated at a Moscow clinic run by the institute. In order for the body to develop immunity, you need to be vaccinated twice.

According to one of the top managers who did the vaccination, he did not feel any side effects. Despite the risk, he agreed to the experiment in order to be able to hold meetings as usual, as before the pandemic. Other test takers reported bloomberg fever and muscle pain after vaccination.

The publication notes that these vaccinations are “safe” because they are based on proven vaccines against other diseases, but their effectiveness has yet to be determined. Bloomberg also writes that the program of the Gamalei Research Center on the way to the vaccine is advancing faster than its counterparts in the West.

The publication quotes the head of the Russian Fund for Direct Investments Kirill Dmitriev, who says that the third stage of testing will begin on August 3 and will cover thousands of people not only in Russia but also in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The fund expects that the vaccine will be available to all Russians in September. In the West, the last – the third stage of testing – usually lasts several months to better understand the effect of the vaccine and its effectiveness, the publication notes.

It will be recalled that on July 16, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada said that hackers backed by Russia’s intelligence services were trying to steal data on COVID-19 vaccine research and treatment from academic and pharmaceutical institutions around the world.


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