in the Ministry of Health of Italy declare that the country coped with “storm” of epidemic of a coronavirus – the 5th channel


As of 6:00 am, 615,462 people in the world died of coronavirus COVID-19 and 8,431,382 recovered in Kyiv. A total of 14,898,145 cases were confirmed. This is evidenced by data from the John Hopkins Institute.

The leader in the number of patients remains the United States – 3,899,072 cases, in Brazil recorded 2,159,654 patients, in India – 1,115,354 cases, in Russia – 782,040, in South Africa – 381,798.


Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza said the country had largely overcome the coronavirus pandemic. According to him, although Italy has yet to move forward in the fight against the virus, it “came out of the storm,” according to CNN.

“I think Italy did it. I don’t think about the government, I think about the country as a whole,” he said.

He added that the world is now in the most acute phase of the epidemic, and the crisis will remain in the past only after receiving a vaccine against the disease.

In the last 24 hours, 128 cases of coronavirus infection and 15 deaths have been recorded in Italy.

Italy is one of the countries most affected by the pandemic. More than 244,000 people have been infected and more than 35,000 have died.


US President Donald Trump has said that the country is likely to expect a worsening of the situation with coronavirus before the crisis can be completely overcome. He said this at a briefing at the White House.

“Unfortunately, it may get worse before there is an improvement,” Trump said.

Trump has urged Americans to wear masks if they can’t keep up the distance, whether they like it or not.

He also urged young people to avoid crowded bars because of the threat of spreading the coronavirus.

The United States ranks first among all countries in the world in the number of coronavirus infections and deaths.

The number of infected people in the country is approaching four million, and more than 141,000 people have fallen victim to the disease.


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