In Russia, they proposed to add a vaccine against COVID-19 to the national vaccination calendar: Politics: Russia:


Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Health Protection Leonid Ogul proposed to introduce vaccination against COVID-19 into the national vaccination calendar, reports Interfax.

According to him, after the development and start of use, the drug should be free and accessible to all categories of Russians. “And she [вакцинация] must be voluntary. After all, we are talking about prevention, not treatment, ”Ogul said.

The parliamentarian added that the question of the seasonality of vaccination against COVID-19 “depends on how the coronavirus will behave in the future.” He noted that the flu shot is updated every year because the virus mutates. “What will be the situation with the coronavirus – time will tell,” concluded Ogul.

Earlier in government statedthat mass vaccination against coronavirus in Russia can start only at the beginning of next year. So they noted that the drug will become available to all categories of the population without restrictions in January-February 2021, although it can be registered already in early August.

As of July 24, in Russia identified more than 800 thousand cases of coronavirus infection. The total number of those who recovered approached 589 thousand. 199 thousand people remain active carriers of the virus. 13,046 patients died


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