The group in which the kindergarten employee worked with COVID-19 was attended by 7 children






We have already reported that an employee of kindergarten No. 20 “Little Red Riding Hood” contracted the coronavirus. The list of contact persons includes seven children and six adults.

Zhanna Bezrodnyaya, deputy head of the city, gave details of the situation in the preschool institution.

The group in which the kindergarten employee worked with COVID-19 was attended by 7 children

– An employee of the kindergarten was on sick leave, treated allergies, – said Zhanna Vitalievna. – Before going to work, she was given a quick test. He showed a negative result. There is a photocopy of the test that confirms this. The employee was admitted to work because there was no reason not to admit her.

As noted by Zhanna Bezrodnyaya, in parallel, the analyzes of the employee of the kindergarten №20 were sent to Zaporizhia. Last night, the Zaporozhye laboratory reported that the woman had a positive result. After that, the employee was isolated. Yesterday the laboratory center specialists were in kindergarten. A list of contact persons was collected – these are seven children and six adults. Contact adults were sent to self-isolation, including the head of the kindergarten. The rest of the employees are working on schedule. The kindergarten is now closed for all pupils.

The city administration and the education department decided to suspend the work of the kindergarten for 14 days to examine and understand the situation. In two weeks, all employees will be tested again for coronavirus.

– In the kindergarten, all anti-epidemic standards and requirements are observed. This was also noted by the specialists of the laboratory center, who examined the preschool institution. But we all go to the store, use public transport, communicate with friends. Everyone has a risk of getting coronavirus. Therefore, you need to be very careful and careful. Because the health of our children and employees is above all, – added Zhanna Bezrodnyaya.

In Berdyansk, a third of patients with coronavirus are asymptomatic

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