There was a sharp decrease in patients with coronavirus. Here is Vojtech’s new graph


The Ministry of Health has rapidly reduced the statistics of people who have an acute coronavirus.

While on Sunday morning the statistics spoke from 5254 patients, in the early evening it is “only” 3479 cases, ie about a third less.

According to ČTK, the reason why the statistics are being rewritten is that the Minister has ordered an audit of the data.

The following graph shows how the “old” and “new” patient data differ:

Due to the growing number of cases and the fact that the smart quarantine system, which should be used to accurately and quickly search for potentially infected people, is still not working, Vojtěch came under pressure.

He was criticized in particular by the Minister of the Interior, Jan Hamáček, who said on television that Vojtěch could not handle the situation.

Minister Adam Vojtěch spoke about his intention on Wednesday after the number of patients reached record levels since the beginning of the epidemic and exceeded 5,000.

He justified the audit with his suspicion that cured people appear late in the data presented to the public.

“Those 5,000 cases need to be taken a little with caution. Today, I commissioned an audit of the data that are presented, because we suspect that cured patients who are not excluded are left in the overall data, “he said.

If they are sick at home, their cure will not always appear in the data, according to him.


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