Amsterdam makes more space on the street because of coronavirus | Inland


For example, cars, mopeds and mopeds are no longer welcome in the Haarlemmerstraat and dyke to make it easier for pedestrians and cyclists to keep a sufficient distance. On the Museum Bridge, pedestrians get the cycle path and cyclists move up to the road, making it one-way for cars.

According to the municipality, it is especially challenging in the often narrow streets in the city center to keep 1.5 meters away. Therefore, in places where there is insufficient space for all road users, the space is now being arranged differently. This also happened last week in a number of other streets in the city and this measure is now being extended, the municipality announced on Monday.

In addition to the Haarlemmerstraat and dike, where, among other things, the footpaths become one-way traffic and all car parking spaces are temporarily removed, and the traffic situation in the Rijnstraat will also be adjusted in August on the Museumbrug.

Earlier, the municipality already took other measures to better manage the bustle in the city, including the arrival of day visitors and tourists. For example, one-way traffic can be set up for shoppers in the Kalverstraat or the street can even be closed if necessary. All kinds of rules also apply to the Red Light District, such as a ban on the sale of alcohol in shops, one-way traffic and closure during busy periods. Additional enforcers and hosts must monitor compliance with the corona rules in the city center.


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