Guidelines have been prepared for caterers and event organizers to reduce the spread of Covid-19


With the support of the Road Transport Directorate, the signs will also be placed on public transport throughout Latvia.

According to Yuri Perevoshchikov, Director of the Infectious Diseases and Prevention Department of the SPKC, recent events suggest that a single Covid-19 infection can cause an outbreak among both visitors and employees, suspending the institution for several days while assuring the health of its employees. and the premises are disinfected.

“Therefore, it is in the interest of all of us to be responsible when visiting public places, including entertainment events, to observe distancing, hand hygiene and to keep the Stop Covid app on our phone,” emphasizes Yuri Perevoshchikov.

The Center for Disease Prevention and Control has prepared printable instructions. (Photo: Publicity)

Printable directions files are available to anyone for free at ““and place in their premises – in conspicuous places.

Thanks to the Road Transport Directorate, specially prepared signs will also be placed for 26 passenger carriers, for example, JSC “Pasažieru vilciens”, JSC “CATA”, JSC “Nordeka”, JSC “Rīgas Taksometru parks”, SIA “Tukuma auto”, SIA “Jēkabpils autobusu parks “”, as well as in other buses and 32 bus stations throughout Latvia.

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