HBO makes drama series about the search for COVID-19 vaccine | NOW


HBO is developing a drama series about the worldwide search for the vaccine against COVID-19, reports Deadline.

The series will be based on the book The First Shot by author Brendan Borrell, who wrote for The New York Times in National Geographic. In this forthcoming non-fiction book, Borrell tells the story of “the companies and individuals who risk everything to save lives,” and the scientific and political challenges that lie behind the development of the vaccine.

Adam McKay has been appointed as an executive producer on the series. He previously produced the drama series Succession and worked for the coronavirus outbreak on a series based on South Korean film Parasite, the big winner at the Oscars earlier this year.

According to The New York Times 165 possible vaccines against COVID-19 are currently being investigated. 27 of these are now being tested on humans. A number of pharmaceutical companies hope to release a limited amount of a first vaccine before the end of the year.


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