One dead and 16 new infections by coronavirus 1Limburg


A person died of the coronavirus in Limburg last week. There are also sixteen new infections. No new hospital admissions are known.
The deceased person comes from the municipality of Sittard-Geleen.
Since the pandemic reached the Netherlands, a total of at least 4,914 provincial members have had the virus among its members. In addition, a number of corrections have been made, making it 41 more than last week. This is evident from the Corona Monitor of the GGDs and the RIVM. Last week, the Coronamonitor reported six new infections. So there are sixteen this week.
No deaths
The death toll in the province is now at 717. It looks like something has been updated compared to the last reference date of July 21. The number of deaths was then at 750, so the number of deaths from the corona virus has been adjusted downwards. The total number of hospital admissions by the coronavirus is 1528. An adjustment has also taken place here. Last week, that number stood at 1,561.
The new figures show that Limburg is not participating in the national trend of the increasing number of infections. Nationally, 1329 new persons have been reported who have tested positive for covid-19. That is 342 more than last week, and 795 more than the week before. In the past week, 23 people were admitted to Dutch hospitals with covid-19. That’s 4 more than a week earlier. In the past week, 9 people died nationally from the coronavirus. There were 7 a week earlier.

The reproduction number, the number that indicates how many people can infect someone with the coronavirus, has increased slightly. Last week, there was a reproduction number of 1.29. It was then the first time since March 15 that the reproduction number was completely above 1.0, RIVM reported on its website.

To care
In the past week, concerns about the increasing number of corona infections have increased. At a special press meeting last Wednesday, Minister Grapperhaus called on citizens to be vigilant and to abide by the rules. On Friday, the same minister announced after a consultation that an investigation will be conducted into the usefulness of mouth masks. More and more people called last week to make it mandatory, as in many other countries in Europe, including neighboring Belgium. There, the number of infections is increasing rapidly, especially in the Antwerp region. In an interview with the NRC, coronation ambassador Feike Sijbesma also called for measures to be taken to prevent a second lockdown.
It also increased the number of tests taken last week. 23,000 people visited the GGD test streets last week for a test. The number of tests conducted with covid-19 also increased in Limburg. Last week 3,094 people were tested at the GGD-Zuid Limburg and 2,538 people were tested at the GGD in North Limburg. A total of 28,254 people in Limburg had themselves tested since 1 June, when the test streets opened. The GGD also announced that it also has sufficient test capacity for the coming period.
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