Migrants brought a gift – a coronavirus. Malta is furious. Italians call in the army


A group of Libyan migrants arrived in Malta, two thirds of whom were infected with coronavirus. From Libya, a group of nearly 100 refugees set out on a small boat, which was rescued shortly after they sent an emergency signal. However, Malta is not the only country to experience a growing influx of migrants. In Italy, specifically in Sicily, the numbers of migrants from Tunisia are growing. An army had to be deployed there after almost three hundred refugees escaped from two detention camps. However, coronavirus has not been detected.

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Caption: Unconventional landings of migrants

Euronews.com reported that Italy had deployed an army to control the asylum camps. The Italian interior minister decided to deploy an army in Sicily after about a hundred migrants broke the quarantine and fled the detention camp on Monday. However, Minister Luciano Lamorges announced that most migrants had already been tracked down and all had negative tests for coronavirus.

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Migrants were held in a detention camp in western Sicily due to a two-week quarantine. There were over five hundred people in the facility for a maximum of one hundred people. However, this incident is not the first. On Sunday, 184 migrants escaped from another detention camp in Sicily, although none of them had coronavirus tests.

Luigu Di Maio, the Italian foreign minister, said 125 of them had already been found, but added that incidents such as these could damage Italy’s coronavirus control efforts. “The virus has not disappeared. “Italian citizens, like me, must continue to follow the rules we have set, and the same applies to tourists and those who are entitled to international protection,” he said.

According to the server, Italy is facing an increase in migrants, especially from Tunisia. According to the foreign minister, over 12,000 migrants arrived in Italy this year, of which just a third came from Tunisia. The Italian Minister of the Interior was to discuss the situation with the President of Tunisia, Kais Saied. According to the Italian media, Saied was to promise to intensify controls at sea borders in the fight against trade with migrants.

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However, where coronavirus infection was confirmed in migrants, it was Malta. According to the BBC, 65 out of 94 migrants tested positive for coronavirus. This means that two thirds of migrants rescued in the Mediterranean are infected with coronavirus. “Migrants arriving by ship are immediately quarantined for 14 days and tested. Positive migrants will continue to be isolated and the rest will remain in quarantine, “said the local health minister.

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The group of migrants comes from Libya, from where they set off on a small boat. It is said that they were discovered only after an emergency signal was sent. “This group arrived in Malta together and was in contact with a few other people before testing,” the minister added. So far, 9 people have died of coronavirus in Malta.

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