The army will help the Jihlava Alzheimer’s Center in the fight against coronavirus


Updates: 29.07.2020 14:16

Prague – The army will send 15 soldiers to help the Alzheimercentrum Jihlava, which is struggling with a coronavirus infection, from Friday. They should help in advance for 14 days. Magdalena Dvořáková, a spokeswoman for the General Staff, told CTK today. The Alzheimer Center, which cares for 95 clients, has a total of 40 clients and 17 covid-19-positive employees, and other employees are in the preventive quarantine, the spokeswoman said.

“This worsened epidemiological situation threatens the operability of the center,” Dvořáková noted. The army will send soldiers from the 42nd Mechanized Battalion Tábor and the 31st Regiment of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection to Liberec to Jihlava. The center will provide direct care under the professional supervision of local staff for a preliminary period of two weeks. “Specialists from Liberec will provide professional decontamination work in the facility,” added Dvořáková.

The soldiers were sent to Jihlava according to a government resolution from mid-April, according to which the army can be used for rescue work in connection with the fight against coronavirus. In recent months, soldiers have been helping out in other social facilities whose clients and staff have been infected with coronavirus.

The army is also involved in the so-called smart quarantine project, its representatives are part of the Integrated Central Management Team.

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