What messages should the authorities send in order for the Romanians to respect the rules for preventing the spread of COVID-19. “The shepherd from Miorita did nothing to defend himself”


The growing number of new cases of COVID-19 infections in Romania and the fact that more and more Romanians are giving up protection and perpetuating the terror of the conspiracy are of concern to the Romanian authorities.

Experts say the government should rethink its approach to sending messages to the population.Romania’s representative to the World Health Organization, Professor Alexandru Rafila, says that eight weeks of constant increase in the number of diseases with the new coronavirus they are not few and that, if some things do not change essentially, we cannot expect the upward trend to stop, referring also to the modification of the messages transmitted to people.

“We shouldn’t repeat those measures, absolutely obsessive, because at some point they become tiring. If you repeat yourself too much, you don’t hear then … but we can try to clarify, slowly. People think that it is good for them to be partners with each other and with the authorities “, Alexandru Rafila declared, on Monday evening, at Digi 24.

Rafila: If we don’t explain the measures to people, we will be like Miorita

Rafila also said that it is good to quarantine the localities, but the messages should be adapted so that people understand that it is to their advantage.

“I have to explain to people: this measure is for a limited time, I take it for 2 weeks, it is up to you to resume the activities as soon as possible. There must be a motivational impulse for people to be participatory in this decision,” he said. said Alexandru Rafila.

He stressed that people still need to be told about the need for safety precautions, even if their education will not take effect overnight.

“If we don’t do anything, we’re like Miorita. It’s a very beautiful ballad, the only thing I don’t like is that the shepherd was just writing goodbye letters and doing nothing to defend himself. We have to learn to defend ourselves, I think that this is extremely important, and to defend ourselves in time, not when the fight becomes unequal “, the doctor also said, according to Digi 24.

Sociologist: At this moment there is no person who has credibility in front of the population

Sociologists are of the same opinion. The fact that the Romanian authorities do not seem to know how to manage the crisis periods, makes people no longer trust the state authorities.

“The biggest problem is communication. Anywhere in the world, any institution must be personalized. The Strategic Communication Group must have a communicator, a spokesperson. People must assign messages to someone, not a group. At the beginning, doctors Alexandru Rafila communicated. Earring and Raed Arafat. They were very well known and enjoyed popularity.

At this moment, it is very difficult to identify someone who could send the message to the population, because Raed Arafat and Adrian Streinu Cercel have entered into political statements. Raed Arafat scolded the population too much for anyone to trust him. Even President Iohannis made more political statements during this period, “sociologist Vladimir Ionas told Ziare.com.Authorities are talking more about elections than coronavirus

The sociologist also said that in his opinion, the fact that politicians seem more concerned with elections and not with the health of the population, makes people no longer believe in government decisions.

“At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the authorities were talking about elections. Now, when the numbers on infections are very high, the Government is still talking about elections. People will be reluctant to go out to vote, especially after being forced to respect everything on a daily basis. The rules would be better for the new school year It is about a month and a half before school starts and we still don’t know exactly what will happen After my defense, Romania is not ready to support an entire school year We are talking about a state of emergency, and people are scared, I don’t know what will happen to their services, what they will do to their children or what the economic evolution will be. The political class no longer has projects, strategies, term medium and long “Vladimir Ionas also explained.

The sociologist also said that the contradictory messages given by authority, mislead people and tend to believe conspiracy theories rather than government measures.

“It was said that masks should not be worn outdoors, now they tell us that they should be worn. They said that we have beds at ATI, now that they are gone, that we no longer have fans and so on. People don’t know what to think. All political parties, along with the president, should sit down Klaus Iohannis and find a solution. To give up for a while on any discussion of elections. “Everywhere in the world, people will believe in conspiracy theories as long as they don’t trust the authorities,” Ionas said.

The government supports information campaigns that promote the wearing of masks and social distance, but one of them is full of denials.

“Messages sent by official institutions that start with a denial have no effect. Messages in times of crisis must be intertwined in a positive light, they must not convey fear. Fear was at the beginning when we saw what was happening in Italy, in Spain. “The authorities and even the doctors should understand that the people who accepted everything they were told were afraid to get in front of them,” the sociologist added.

To date, in Romania, 47,053 cases of people infected with the new coronavirus (COVID – 19) have been confirmed. Of these, 2,239 died and 26,128 were cured.

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