Sweden, where there was no strict quarantine, is seeing a decline in COVID-19 infections


Amid concerns about a possible second wave of COVID-19 coronavirus in European countries, Sweden, where no strict quarantine measures have been introduced, has seen a decline in the number of infections since the end of June.

This is reported by the edition Newsweek.

According to information The World Health Organization, as of July 29, the number of new infections in Sweden per 100 thousand population over the past 14 days has decreased by 54%.

Whereas other European countries saw a significant increase in new cases over the same period, including Spain, France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands (40-200% increase over the last month).

The average daily number of infections in the country has also been decreasing over the past month – from June 29. The number of deaths, which are recorded every day, is also reducing. So, if on April 15, 115 deaths from coronavirus were registered in the country, then on July 29, only two.

As Sweden’s chief epidemiologist Anders Tegnell previously noted, these numbers indicate that the country’s strategy to combat COVID-19 has been “largely successful.”

According to him, the Swedish authorities did not impose a hard blocking, but the country’s residents, on their own initiative, reduced the intensity of social contacts and complied with a number of other measures.

“In many ways, the voluntary measures that we took in Sweden were as effective as the complete blocking in other countries,” said Anders Tegnell.

“Now we are seeing a rapidly decreasing number of cases, we constantly have medical care, there were free beds at any time, there were never crowds in hospitals,” he added.

Instead of a total blockage, the Swedish authorities sought to develop “herd immunity”, hoping that an increase in the number of people exposed to the virus would help prevent a second wave of infections.

However, some scholars, as well as teachers and parents in Sweden have previously spoken out against such a strategy.

According to the resource Worldometer, over the past day in Sweden, 45 new cases of infection (and 9 deaths) were recorded. The total number of cases of coronavirus since the outbreak began in the country is 80,422.

We will remind, in Ukraine over the past day, July 30, coronavirus disease was confirmed in 1,090 people. It is also known that 598 patients recovered and 20 died from complications.


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