The chief sanitary doctor of Lviv region demands to stop worshiping in churches


Coronavirus was found among priests in almost all districts of the region

Roman Pavliv, the chief state sanitary doctor of the Lviv region, stated that Covid-19 had been confirmed by priests. According to the regional laboratory center, non-compliance with sanitary norms in churches is one of the reasons for the increase in the number of patients with coronavirus infection. That is why Pavliv sent a petition to the Lviv Regional State Administration, in which he recommends holding services only in the open air.

On July 31, Roman Pavliv, the chief sanitary doctor of the Lviv region, sent a submission to LODA, in which he provided information on the incidence of Covid-19 among priests and parishioners. In the published “High Castle” document It is said that one of the sources of coronavirus infection may be the presence of people in churches during worship. On the eve of the churches, as the main source of infection in western Ukraine, especially in rural areas, said Health Minister Maxim Stepanov.

In particular, according to the laboratory center, cases of Covid-19 among priests are registered in almost all districts of Lviv region. In Zhovkva district, for example, 5 priests fell ill, after which a coronary infection was found in 35 contacts. In Yavoriv district, 6 priests from different settlements fell ill and, as a result, three contact persons later fell ill.

In addition, outbreaks of coronavirus were recorded in monasteries in Krekhov and Unev. An epidemiological investigation is underway into the Univ Monastery.

Roman Pavliv’s presentation on the connection between the incidence of coronavirus and worship

“Regular worship, celebration of temple holidays with the departure of representatives of religious communities to the place of celebration in violation of sanitary and anti-epidemiological requirements may be the cause of further growth in the number of patients with Covid-19”, – it is said in the submission of Roman Pavliv.

Roman Pavliv therefore asks LODA to limit religious events. In particular, he proposes to hold services only in the open air with a distance of 1.5 meters and to oblige all participants in the process to wear masks. Pavlov also suggests that believers receive communion with disposable spoons during the epidemic.

Roman Pavliv’s submission also states that priests with signs of Covid-19 or other respiratory diseases should not take part in the services. In a comment to ZAXID.NET, Roman Pavliv clarified that there were cases in the region when priests with a confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19 continued to come to church and conduct services.

To avoid such cases in the future, the laboratory center asks the Lviv Regional State Administration to contact the bishops and make a decision on the situation with the churches in the region at a meeting of the regional commission of TEB and NA.

We will remind, the day before the Minister of Health Maxim Stepanov declared that the main reason of growth of number of patients in the west of Ukraine is worship.

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