216 people from Covid-19 have died in the last 24 hours in Iran


Iranian Ministry of Health Spokesperson Sima Sadat Lari shared the latest information about the Covid-19 outbreak in his publication on state television.

“Unfortunately, 216 citizens lost their lives in the last 24 hours because of Covid-19.” said.

“2,678 of these patients have been treated in health centers,” said Lari, who said that there were 2,488 new cases across Iran. used expressions.

Spokesperson of the Ministry, Lari, stated that the total loss of life caused by the virus has increased to 16 thousand 982 and the number of cases to 306 thousand 752.

Lari said that 4 thousand 11 of the patients who got the virus had a severe condition, and that the number of patients recovered until now has reached 265,830.

Lari informed that the total number of tests conducted in the country so far is 2 million 482 thousand 553.

Lari stated that Mazenderan, Gulistan, Persian, East Azerbaijan, Ardebil, Isfahan, Elburz, Ilam, Rezevi Khorasani, Kirman, North Horasan, Simnan, Loristan and Hürmüzgan, especially the capital, are high-risk provinces. He informed that all 11 states were identified as “risky areas”.


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