Coronavirus: deadly July in the US; in Berlin protests against lockdown


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The United States and Mexico are again breaking records for the number of Covid-19 infections, an 88-year-old sect leader was arrested in Korea on suspicion of hiding information about a third of the infections in the country, and right-wing and Covid dissidents took to the streets in Berlin. The main thing about the coronavirus pandemic in the world.

America: a sharp increase in the number of infections and doubts about other people’s vaccines

In the United States, the incidence of Covid-19 and the number of deaths has skyrocketed over the past month. In July, 25 thousand people died from coronavirus in the states.

Over the past month, the number of confirmed infections in the states increased by 1.8 million, or 66%. This is almost half of the total number of confirmed diagnoses in the country, there are about 4.45 million. The fastest growing infection rates are in Florida, California and Texas.

US chief epidemiologist Anthony Fauci on Friday at a congressional hearing expressed doubt that the coronavirus vaccines being developed in Russia and China will be used in the United States. Fauci believes that testing procedures and weak drug regulations in China and Russia do not meet US standards.

“I really hope that the Chinese and Russians are testing vaccines before using them in humans,” he said.

“To say that you have a vaccine ready for distribution before testing is problematic, to say the least,” Fauci added.

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On Saturday, Russian Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko said that the Covid-19 vaccine developed by scientists at the N.F. Gamaleya National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology has been tested and vaccination is expected to begin in October.

The United States and Russia previously exchanged resources in the fight against the pandemic. In late March, US President Donald Trump announced after a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin that Russia had sent a plane to the United States with medical equipment and drugs. Russian ventilators were not used – they remained in reserve.

In May, the United States already sent ventilators to Russia as humanitarian aid.

South of the United States, the epidemiological situation is also worsening. Mexican authorities are reporting 700 deaths in the past 24 hours. Mexico now has the third largest death toll in the world, with a total of 46,688 Covid-19-related deaths. More – only in the USA and Brazil. In fourth place in this anti-rating is Britain.

The World Health Organization on Saturday, after a meeting of an emergency commission that assessed the results of the first six months of the pandemic, said it would be “prolonged.”

The committee “emphasized that it expects a long period of the Covid-19 pandemic,” the WHO said in a statement. Given the economic and social pressures the pandemic is putting on countries fighting it, the commission also highlighted the danger of systemic “fatigue” from the fight against Covid-19.

Covid dissidents in Berlin

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In Berlin on Saturday about 20 thousand people took to the streets

Thousands of people took to the streets of Berlin on Saturday to take part in protests against the government’s anti-coronavirus policies. According to BBC correspondent Damien McGuinness, the march included groups of the far right with flags and symbols and a group of conspiracy theorists who do not believe that the virus exists.

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Social distancing? Not for covid dissidents

Among them there are those who are simply not satisfied with the measures taken by the government. All these people want one thing – to end the measures taken by the government to combat the pandemic.

A few hours after the start of the action, the skeptics began to disperse the police. The protesters were also criticized by local politicians, one of whom called the dissidents “covidiots.”

Asia: state of emergency in Okinawa and arrest of sect leader in Korea

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Japan’s largest kabuki theater opened in Tokyo on Saturday, but things are more dire in other parts of the country.

The authorities of the Japanese island of Okinawa on Saturday declared a state of emergency on its territory. The island has recorded a record jump in new infections, including with the US military base located there.

The island’s governor, Denny Tamaki, has asked residents not to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary. On Friday, the island broke the record for daily infection rate – 71 new cases were recorded per day. In total, 395 people infected with coronavirus in Okinawa, of which 248 are American marines.

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Leader of the Shincheonji Church sect, Lee Man Hee, has been arrested in South Korea. About 5,000 members of the sect have contracted the coronavirus, and Lee Man Hee is accused of hiding it from the authorities. The Shincheonji Church says its leader did not deliberately withhold information, but simply showed respect for the privacy of the parishioners.

Lee, 88, is also charged with embezzling an estimated $ 4.7 million.

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On Saturday, 14,336 cases of coronavirus were recorded in South Korea. If Lee is proven guilty, it would mean that his sect contributed about 36% of the cases.


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