Coronavirus obstacle to the centuries-old holiday tradition


In the village of Aksu with a total of 448 digits, consisting of Şıhlar, Hacıoğlu, Yukarı Aksu, Hatlar and Güney districts, Aksu village with a population of 580, guests are hosted to neighboring neighborhoods for more than a century, during Ramadan and Sacrifice holidays.

Especially in the village where the population is close to 2 thousand in the summer period, the citizens residing in neighboring neighborhoods on holiday days go to the neighborhood to be hosted in groups by wearing their feasts, where they are hosted at the best prepared tables in the houses, chatting and reading the Quran.

Citizens in the village, where a visit to the grave is also held, is trying to continue the tradition by coming from abroad as well as various cities such as Istanbul and Antalya, even if it is for a day to experience this environment.

Citizens are hoping that the epidemic will end soon and spend the same way as they did in the past, as the tradition that has been suspended within the scope of the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) measures affecting the whole world cannot be made for the first time this year.

– “We are having this holiday bittersweet”

Aksu village headman Mehmet Ergirdi told AA correspondent that many years ago, citizens from the surrounding neighborhoods and villages performed the feast prayer in the historical mosque in the Upper Aksu Neighborhood and since that time they have been meeting the first day of the holiday in this neighborhood.

Ergirdi stated that he was a guest by going to other neighborhoods and strengthening the spirit of unity, solidarity, and solidarity among people, “Ergirdi, who lives in Antalya, is coming for a day to live this environment in the excitement of feast. There are even those who come from Germany for a few days to experience this. This is a medium of solidarity. ” he spoke.

Ergirdi stated that they had to take a break from the tradition they have been continuing for more than a century due to the epidemic this year and that this situation had to be applied even if they upset them.

Explaining that it is important for citizens to comply with the precautionary measures, Ergirdi said, “There is no point in which citizens are afraid of us, law enforcement or deterring punishments. We supervise, pass, but everyone has to protect themselves first. We try to instill this in our citizens. We are very sensitive in this regard, we are also sensitive to our citizens we invite you to be. ” used expressions.

Ergirdi stated that the pandemic process affects the whole society, but thanks to the sensitivity and work of the authorities, we do not face any bigger events. said.

– “Due to the epidemic, we can not feast and hug each other”

Izzet Keleş, one of the village residents, said that they could not visit their loved ones because of the coronavirus, “We are not able to feast and embrace each other because of the epidemic, but it is better to be this way. Is it better if we spread the epidemic? he spoke.

Ayşe Yaylacı, one of the residents of the village, said that they had a local neighborhood wandering around the previous holidays, but this year they had to stay apart from each other and this situation saddened them.


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