In the Netherlands, protested against restrictions due to coronavirus


The city of The Hague is protesting against restrictive measures related to coronavirus disease.

This was reported by a Ukrinform correspondent.

The rally was held in Maliveld Park, where demonstrations are usually held. Up to 1,500 people gathered for the action. Everything is calm. Organizers warned local authorities about the protest.

Most protesters without protective masks do not keep a distance of 1.5 meters.

As Ukrinform reported, in June, an anti-quarantine operation in The Hague ended with the arrest of 37 people. At that time, the local authorities forbade the action so as not to endanger people.

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A similar action took place on August 1 in Berlin. It was attended by 17 thousand people. Protesters are demanding the lifting of restrictions imposed in Germany due to the spread of coronavirus infection.

Photo by Irina Drabok, NOS


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