LIVEBLOG – Foreign Affairs turns new regions red, police issue more fines on the coast


“This cannot happen a second time,” said Acting Governor Anne Martens the chaos yesterday in Ostend station. Yesterday evening day trippers no longer got away easily, because there were technical problems on the track. “We will work with those in charge how this can be avoided in the future.”

She calls on everyone who wants to come to the coast to take the pressure barometer to consult. “If it is already yellow in a certain coastal municipality, do not go to that municipality. Go to an area where it is much quieter.”

According to Anne Martens, it was very busy on the coast yesterday, but not as busy as on peak days last year. “The safety plans in all coastal municipalities are working well,” she says.

At present, there are many infections, especially in the province of Antwerp. Yet Antwerp residents remain welcome on the coast. “I cannot impose a ban on non-essential travel for the inhabitants of the province of Antwerp, that is not my responsibility,” says Martens. “The people, also from the province of Antwerp, who have done their best in recent months and have complied with the rules, are welcome to visit us in West Flanders. But the people who flout the rules or who have tested positive and come to serve their quarantine on the coast, that is not the intention. That should be avoided. ”


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