7 thousand 300 Covid-19 cases in a month in Istanbul: One out of three people are hospitalized


EFE SONMEZ / [email protected]

One out of every three people who caught Covid-19 in Istanbul in the last month was taken to hospital treatment. In July, 23 percent of Turkey’s total cases in general was recorded in Istanbul.

Photo: AA

According to Health Ministry data, Turkey’s largest city with a population of about 16 million 7 thousand 302 people in Istanbul in July was caught Covidien-19. The number of people who were hospitalized last month was 2,624. The number of discharge was 3 thousand 513.

The number of cases approached 1000

In July, 30 thousand 967 cases were seen across the country. The highest number of cases on a daily basis was recorded as 1192 on July 1. The lowest of the month was reached on July 22 with 902 cases. However, by July 31, the number of cases increased to 982.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca had said that they were working hard to reduce the number of cases to 900s, but the number was approaching the 1000s again and warned.

One of the four cases is in Istanbul

(The graphic above shows the number of cases in Istanbul day by day)

23 of every 100 cases recorded in July were in Istanbul. The highest number of megacities was seen on July 5, with 311 cases. The lowest number was on July 30 with 157 cases.

Patient admission rate 35 percent

(The graphic above shows the number of patient hospitalizations in Istanbul day by day)

Last month, 2,624 people were treated at the hospital in Istanbul. This means that 35 people are hospitalized for every 100 cases in the city. While the number of hospitalizations peaked with 137 cases last month on July 12, July 26 remained in the last row with 49 patients.

Half the patients are discharged

(The graphic at the top shows the number of discharge in Istanbul day by day)

In July, 3 thousand 513 people were discharged from hospitals. This corresponds to 48 percent of the total case. The highest discharge number was seen on July 1, and the lowest was on July 24.

It is not possible to compare our previous months with the previous months, as the ministry has made daily reports available on 26 June. In addition, the details of death numbers, intensive care or intubated patient numbers in Istanbul are not included in the reports.


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