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Amit Shah


Indian Interior Minister Amit Shah fell ill with COVID-19 and is hospitalized. About this he reported on his Twitter page.

He wrote that he developed primary symptoms of coronavirus and then confirmed the diagnosis with an infection test. “My health is fine, but on the advice of the doctors I am going to the hospital,” Shah added.

In addition, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs asked everyone who had contact with him recently to isolate themselves and take a coronavirus test.

India bypassed Russia in the number of cases of COVID-19

Фото: Yawar Nazir / Getty Images

According to the latest data from the Mizdrav of India, on August 2, coronavirus got sick 1 145 629 people and died 37 364. However, according to Johns Hopkins University, in India fixed 1,750,723 cases of infection, 37,364 people died.


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