Men’s national polo: Four more players positive for coronavirus – Society


KOE announced today (Sunday 2/8) the results of the first tests for covid-19 that took place on Saturday (1/8), by an EODY team, to the members of the National water polo teams, after the confirmed case that appeared in our representative Men’s band.

As reported by, according to them, four other members of the Men’s National Team tested positive for the virus. All of them are asymptomatic and in very good health and are in quarantine in their homes.

Besides, from the mission of the National Women’s Team that was preparing in the same swimming pool, all the tests for coronavirus came out negative. There were no positive samples even among the staff of the swimming pool in Agios Kosmas, who also underwent a test.

The inspections will be repeated next Tuesday (4/8) to everyone, in order to have a final confirmation or not of the cases.

“Everything is done according to the protocols”, stresses the doctor of KOE and member of the health committee of GGA for the covid-19 pandemic, George Marinos. The swimming pool will be closed for disinfection.

The preparation camps of the pre-ethnic teams of Juniors and Children, which were scheduled to take place these days in the specific swimming pool, are also canceled.


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