Mixed trend at the end of trading in Tel Aviv, the oil index rose 3%


The first trading day of this week ended in a mixed trend against the background of the volatile weekend in world markets, disturbing macro data published in the US and the continued spread of the corona virus around the world. The real estate index lost 0.34% while the oil index climbed 3%.

The large trading volumes were concentrated today by Bank Leumi shares, down 0.4%, Delek Drilling climbed 4.9% amid keen demand for raising by the company and the Nice share added 0.8% in a vigorous turnover. The trading volume in shares amounted to NIS 831 million and the trading volume in bonds reached NIS 1.5 billion.

In the Tel Aviv 125 index, Ratio shares stood out today with a rise of 10.9%, Fattal jumped 9.5% after signing a binding agreement for the sale and re-lease of the Leonardo Royal Berlin Hotel for NIS 230 million. The expected net cash flow for the company from the transaction is approximately NIS 76 million. Norstar added 8.6%.

On the other hand, Ofco shares fell 7.2% and closed the arbitrage gap with which it returned from trading in New York over the weekend. Perigo also lost 5.9% due to arbitrage gaps. Issta weakened 5.6% without reporting.

The Bern Group soared 12.3% amid a report that the group and the Aluma Infrastructure Fund signed an agreement for strategic cooperation in the field of management, initiation, planning, construction, and operation of wireless communication sites leased to the cellular companies. As part of the agreement, Bern will invest NIS 5 million in a subsidiary of Aluma, Tiber, in exchange for an allotment of 9% of Tiber shares.

Merhavia Holdings reported today that Cardiaxens, a company it holds at a rate of 5.67%, has received approval from the Medical Equipment Division (AMR) of the Ministry of Health to register in the watch’s medical equipment register developed by the company for the purpose of heart rate monitoring and atrial fibrillation diagnosis.

Sheikh Medical has signed sales agreements with a number of pharmacies for the supply of medical cannabis in the amount of NIS 70 million. The total agreements that the company has signed in recent months amount to more than NIS 132 million. The stock rose 5.3%.

The equity provident funds achieved a return of about 5.3% in July. The world’s stock markets showed price increases and supported the study funds and provident funds, the pension funds for those up to 50 achieved a return of about 2.7%.


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