Rich countries have pushed others in line for the COVID-19 vaccine, Bloomberg said


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Rich countries have already ordered more than a billion doses of coronavirus vaccines, raising fears that the rest of the world will be behind them.

The publication wrote about it Bloomberg with reference to the analytical firm Airfinity. Although international groups and a number of countries promise to make vaccines accessible to all, it will be difficult to meet demand in a world of about 7.8 billion people.

US-UK supply contracts from Sanofi and partner GlaxoSmithKline Plc, as well as another agreement between Japan and Pfizer Inc. are the last of such agreements. The European Union also insisted on getting the vaccine long before it became known that it was effective.

The possibility that richer countries are monopolizing supplies, as was the case in 2009 during the swine flu pandemic, has caused concern among poor countries and health advocates.

According to Airfinity, the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union and Japan have received about 1.3 billion doses of potential COVID-19 vaccinations to date. Calculations show that the options for increasing supplies or agreements awaiting conclusion will add to this number of about 1.5 billion doses.

According to London-based think tank Airfinity, the United States, Britain, the European Union and Japan have received about 1.3 billion doses of potential Covid vaccinations to date. Given the additional deliveries and unfinished deals, another 1.5 billion doses need to be added to this number.

“Even if you have a very optimistic assessment of scientific progress, vaccines are still not enough for the whole world,” said Rasmus Beh Hansen, CEO of Airfinity.

He also said it was important to note that most vaccines may require two doses.

Several leaders in vaccine development, such as Oxford University and its partner AstraZeneca Plc, as well as Pfizer-BioNTech SE, are already in the final stages of research, raising hopes that weapons to combat COVID-19 will soon be available.

But developers still have to overcome a number of obstacles: to prove that their drugs are effective, get approval and increase production.

According to Airfinity forecasts, global shipments may not reach 1 billion doses by the first quarter of 2022.


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