Deliberately coughing? That will be a red card in English football coronavirus


Footballers who intentionally cough in the face of an opponent or referee in England should be shown a red card. The British Football Association (FA) writes this in the arbitration protocol, which is based on government measures to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

“In an extreme case, where the referee is certain that someone intentionally coughs up close in the face of an opponent or official, the referee must take action,” said the FA.

Yellow is sufficient in some cases, according to the FA. If a player has to cough without intent, then there is no penalty. This also applies to spitting on the ground, something that the association believes should be prevented as much as possible.

For spitting at an opponent or arbiter, a red card is a penalty.

No physical contact when celebrating goal

The FA has now laid down in a protocol all the regulations that had already been in place during the resumption of the season in recent weeks, including the potential penalties.

The referee must ensure that set pieces such as corner kicks and free kicks are taken as quickly as possible to prevent players from standing together for long periods of time.

When celebrating a goal, physical contact should be avoided as much as possible, but if it does, it will not be considered a violation.

Elbow boxing must also become the new normal in England


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