Espanyol still wants to stay in Primera Division: “Competition was unfair” | football spain


Espanyol has played continuously in the Primera Division since 1994, but that series seemed to end this season. That seemed to be the case, because the club itself does not settle for relegation without a fight.

Espanyol asks not to let any club be relegated this season. “In recent days, many clubs have made their voices heard because of the injustice and lack of solutions.”

Espanyol also refers to the final match in the second division, which is not completely finished due to a corona outbreak at Fuenlabrada, as a result of which the play-offs for promotion are also suspended for the time being. Valencia, according to Espanyol, could not defend his chances fairly due to a wave of corona cases at the core.

A final argument, according to Espanyol, is the empty stadiums, which the Barcelona club with the fanatical supporters would have harmed more than other clubs.

“It was hopelessly unfair, because not the same conditions were in place after the corona crisis as before. Including the economic impact of Covid-19, the punishment for those affected is devastating and unfair. Some clubs are now being punished twice. ”


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