In the Nikolaev region, the incidence rate of COVID-19 among doctors is higher than the average in Ukraine, – the chief medical officer of the region


In the Nikolaev region to date, 88 doctors have fallen ill with coronavirus. This indicator is slightly higher than the average for Ukraine.

This was stated by the chief sanitary doctor of the region Vladimir Klochko in the commentary “Public: UA».

– Most of our patients are 35-60 years old. Taking the example of healthcare workers, yes, there are indeed questions, since we have 88 healthcare workers who fell ill with COVID-19. And our figure is somewhat even higher than the average in Ukraine. But we are working on this issue. For a long time, until recently, even by this indicator we were lower than the average in Ukraine. But it happened, what happened, – noted Vladimir Klochko.

We will remind that as of August 3, in the Nikolaev regional center for the treatment of infectious diseases, 48 ​​beds are occupied for patients with coronavirus infection COVID-19 (32%).


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