Adult Patient Treatment Guidelines Updated for Covid-19


The Ministry of Health has updated the Adult Patient Treatment Guide regarding the steps to be taken to respond faster in the coronavirus pandemic. The radiation teams will be able to start drug treatment for coronavirus patients who do not stay in the hospital when deemed appropriate.

Ministry of HealthAs a result, the radiation teams found it appropriate for cases and close contacts who do not need to be caught in the coronavirus and applied inpatient treatment. medication stated that it will be organized. In this new data updated in the Adult Patient Treatment Guide, some important information about Covid-19 adult patient treatment is also included.

In the new guide announced by the Ministry of Health, “Currently, there is no specific treatment for Covid-19 that has been proven to be safe and effective. In order to find an effective treatment for this disease, there are currently more than 100 randomized controlled (randomly selected samples) studies with a large number of drugs, some of which are expected to be announced in the coming months.“Statements took place.

Treatment options randomized controlled within the framework of studies and other from scientific research Pointing out that it is more rational to use the information obtained, the current guide included the following statements:

“Due to the urgency of the current situation and the limited scientific data, treatment options with limited data are widely used for these patients all over the world. As with all viral infections, antiviral drugs are recommended to be started as early as possible, as data from SARS and influenza suggest that early initiation of antiviral therapy is more beneficial.

The combined use of possible treatment options in Covid-19 patients should be considered by evaluating the patient-specific and all available literature, and be cautious about the interactions and adverse effects of the drugs used. Since it will take a long time to find a treatment specific to Covid-19, it is antivirally licensed for the treatment of other diseases in our country and in other countries, especially in Europe and the USA, during the current pandemic, it has been widely used in these indications and is safe. Drugs such as hydroxychloroquine, favipiravir, remdesivir, lopinavir-ritonavir, which have been shown and determined to be effective against SARS-CoV, have been proposed and used. Numerous studies are ongoing on the efficacy and safety of these drugs in Covid-19. ”


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These suggestions will be updated according to new research results

The Ministry of Health stated that the results of randomized controlled trials are expected in order to clarify the issue, and that these recommendations will be updated according to the results of the studies to be published on Covid-19 treatment. “The current scientific data are asymptomatic and the Covid-19 PCR test does not strongly support the initiation of antiviral therapy for individuals who have been found positive. However, based on the general information about the effectiveness of the medicines that are started early, antiviral treatment can be started for these patients if the physician evaluating the patient finds it appropriate and be careful about the side effects.The Ministry of Health, who shares information in the form of “. no need for inpatient treatment and if the radiation teams approve of close contact start drug treatment He was passed.

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