Bucharest Ambulance Chief, to Covid-19 deniers: I would never want them to face this disease


Wearing the mask became mandatory on Tuesday in the crowded open spaces in Bucharest, more precisely, in the STB stations, in the stations, in the squares and on the alleys in the Old Center.

Alis Grasu is convinced that if the protection rules are observed, the balance of Covid-19 will decrease: “If only these measures would be strictly observed and everyone would understand that we must respect the measure of wearing a mask, social distance, avoiding places very crowded, the measure of frequent disinfection and hand washing, we would probably be able to stop the spread of the new coronavirus ”.

Asked what she conveys to those who do not believe in coronavirus, Alis Grasu replied: “I would never want them or their loved ones to face this disease. It is a disease that leads to very serious problems in the short term, but for some people in the long term and then we should take this condition, this disease very seriously ”.


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