Coronavirus outbreak at Timisoara County Hospital: 9 nurses and 10 patients with Covid-19. Vascular Surgery Clinic, in quarantine


During some routine tests, according to the hospital manager, Raul Pătrașcu, 19 positive cases were discovered in the afternoon of Tuesday, August 4, within the Vascular Surgery Clinic. The decision was made, at the Emergency Command of the Hospital, that, for 14 days, the Vascular Surgery Clinic be quarantined.

“These are 9 nurses and 10 patients, all asymptomatic. We tested all patients and almost all staff. We assembled the Command and immediately took an additional series of control measures with this extended team:

1. Quarantine of the Vascular Surgery Clinic for a period of 14 days. This means the discharge of negative patients if the medical situation allows (if they are prepared or can be discharged without affecting their health, with repeated testing), the transfer of asymptomatic patients to support hospitals or their discharge with an infectious disease consultation, as appropriate. follow-up for retest.

2. Patients remaining in the ward will be monitored and cared for by the medical staff who performed the Covid test and who received two negative results within 72 hours.

3. Until the expiration of the quarantine period, new, emergency hospitalizations are made on the Clinical Sections of Surgery 1, 2 and 3.

4. Medical management of patients and surgery will be performed by vascular surgeons (with repeated SARS-CoV2 tests to ensure the maintenance of negative status).

5. The general surgery departments will ensure the average and auxiliary staff for the monitoring and permanent care of the patients, so that the quality of the medical act will not suffer.

6. Terminal disinfection was started and is now being completed in the Vascular Surgery Clinic. This will be performed continuously, safely, until all patients are discharged and all positive cases are extinguished.

We are confident that these measures taken quickly will prove effective, we will work as a team as before, we will always be honest and we will not hesitate to make difficult decisions when the situation requires it. We are in solidarity with each other because, in the end, we aim to save lives “, Raul Pătrașscu, the manager of the Timișoara County Hospital, transmits on his Facebook page.


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