Covid-19 is changing football rules: there could be more red cards


One of the main points mentioned in the document is the order to show footballers red cards in situations when they deliberately cough on top of the opposing team’s players or match referees.

Such actions on the football field will henceforth be equated with the use of uncensored, aggressive and offensive vocabulary and gestures – unsportsmanlike conduct.

The document states that the judges must assess whether this action was intentional: “If the coughing was accidental or at a great distance from other people, the arbitrators should not take any further action.”

These football guidelines come into force immediately, but they add that referees should not seek to penalize ‘everyday’ coughing, but only in situations where it is done with a deliberate purpose against someone.

Also, the referees will not have to follow the violations of the players’ social distance during the goal marking, and they will not be allowed to penalize the players for spitting on the lawn.

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