Experts find pluses in the Swedish model of the fight against coronavirus


If we talk not about the numbers of infected and deaths from the coronavirus, but about the economic consequences of the pandemic, then the Swedish economy could benefit from the policy adopted. This opinion was expressed by interviewed analysts in an interview with Bloomberg. Experts believe that the decline in the country’s GDP in the second quarter will reach 7%.

This is an unprecedentedly low figure for the country. But analysts point out that the decline will be less than in the United States or other European countries.

– This is not to say that the Swedish economy has not suffered at all, but the fall in GDP will not be as strong as in the countries of the euro area, – quoted by agency David Oxley of Capital Economics.

But in the long term, experts are in no hurry to look into the future. Sweden’s neighbors were quarantined, but it is likely that their economies will recover faster.

It’s important to know:


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