Hardalias: These are the new measures he announced for the coronavirus


Citizens’ complacency is the enemy – It led to an increase in cases in urban centers, underlined the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection

We are not in the lockdown period so there is a need to be here every afternoon and we hope that this need will not arise again “, said the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection, in charge of Civil Protection and Crisis Management, Nikos Hardalias, during the emergency briefing with Professor Sotiris Tsiodras on the coronavirus.

“If you see us doing daily updates with Mr. Tsiodras again, it will mean that things have become difficult again”, stressed Mr. Hardalias and clarified that the daily update does not return.

He went on to say that “we are here because there are signs that worry us and we want to draw everyone’s attention, to describe the situation and the data clearly.”

He noted that this update will be made whenever there is a reason and pointed out that we are not in March although the cases have increased. This increase has not led to significant pressure on the health system, he added.


SOS by Tsiodra: Each case gives another – What we learned about drugs

SOS by Tsiodra: Each case gives another – What we learned about drugs

The Undersecretary left open the possibility of taking new measures if the epidemiological situation worsens. As he stressed, “the government will do whatever it takes.”

Mr. Hardalias announced that from Sunday 7-day isolation to anyone entering from Albania. He also announced that intensive inspections will be carried out in food factories with the participation of EFET.

At the same time, it is possible to limit the operation of nightclubs by decision of the Secretary General. Protection if and where needed.

The measures announced by Nikos Hardalias are detailed

The sub. Civil Protection rang the alarm bell ahead of August 15th. “We must all work together,” he said, announcing the new measures.

From tomorrow, it is forbidden to cross from Kakavia from 11 pm to 7 am to be checked.

From next Monday, a permanent ladder will be installed for inspections in Kakavia

From Sunday 16 August who enters from Albania 7-day residents isolation


Coronavirus: 121 new cases in Greece – No new deaths

Coronavirus: 121 new cases in Greece – No new deaths

The limit of 100 people is extended at weddings, baptisms, 31/8 ceremonies and receptions. We remind you to use a mask on ships, regardless of density, events are prohibited

It is now possible to reduce the number of processing centers on a local scale

Intensive inspections begin in food factories, including EFET.

Answering a question about the possibility reset sms Nikos Hardalias said: “There are many tools and we examine them step by step. At the moment there is no question of restoring them. If we manage to keep the transmission of the virus in R1 we do not need to have this discussion. There is no question of a general lockdown. ”


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