Norway limits cruise travel after outbreak of coronavirus on liner


In northern Norway, in the port of Tromsø, the cruise ship Roald Amundsen, owned by the Hurtigruten company, has been quarantined. According to NRK, test results from more than 40 passengers and crew members have shown the presence of COVID-19. Among the infected are both children and the elderly. There were 386 passengers on board.

The liner planned to visit Svalbard, and in September to go to England and Scotland. Police in Tromsø have launched an investigation into Hurtigruten for violations of the law on protection against infectious diseases. Companies can face fines and jail time.

Following the coronavirus outbreak, the Norwegian authorities have imposed restrictions on cruise services. In particular, ships with more than 100 passengers on board are prohibited from stopping in Norwegian ports, and passengers and crew are prohibited from going ashore. Hurtigruten has suspended its expedition cruises indefinitely.

Earlier, residents of Norway performed against the opening of the border with Russia due to the increase in the number of patients with coronavirus in the Murmansk region. At the same time, the business hopes for an early normalization of the situation due to losses.



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