relatives of prisoners announced an outbreak of COVID-19 in the Krasnoyarsk colony


Relatives of prisoners of correctional colony No. 6 in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, said that over 30 convicts with coronavirus infection are not treated, and some patients with symptoms COVID-19 refuse to do tests. About it writesTVK Krasnoyarsk “ with reference to the relatives of the convicts, reports Radio Liberty.​

According to a relative of the prisoner, one of more than 30 infected with COVID-19 has already died. At the same time, the infected are not isolated from the rest of the prisoners, and those who have been in contact with the sick are not tested. “If a person is taken away, then they are no longer brought back. They are not treated – they are pulled to the last, until they die. If a person dies, resuscitation comes and just takes it away. The sick are not isolated, there is no treatment. My brother is not tested, although he has all the symptoms “, – the edition quotes a resident of Krasnoyarsk Anastasia.

The press service of the GUFSIN for the Krasnoyarsk Territory refused to comment on the phone, promising to answer the written request later.

  • It was quarantined in May. Prisoners from the same colony also complained that they were denied release, despite the end of their sentence, under the pretext of the threat of the spread of the coronavirus. reminds Siberia.Realities.

Coronavirus infection COVID-19

Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2formerly known as 2019-nCoV, discovered in China at the end of 2019.

It causes disease COVID-19… In some cases, the course of the disease is mild, in others – with symptoms of colds and flu, including fever and cough. This can develop into pneumonia, which can be fatal. The majority of patients recover; predominantly people with weakened immune systems, in particular the elderly, die.

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization recognized the outbreak of the disease caused by the new coronavirus as a pandemic.


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